June 29, 2015

Justin's World Gets Me One Card Closer

A little while back, a comment was posted on my set needs page. I was a bit slow on following up, but Justin said he had one of the First Pitch inserts that I still needed from series one. After a lengthy trade process(again due to my own slow follow-up), I am one card closer to completing that set. Justin was also trying to complete the set so I agreed to send him three dupes I had that he needed.

In order to even the deal, I also received some shiny Nats. I particularly dig the Espinosa refractor RC.

I don't know anything about softball, but I sure have learned a lot since I started reading Justin's World. Thanks for the help Justin!

1 comment:

  1. Forgot about Marquis pitching for the gNats, good times when John Lannon was there ace. I miss the bad Nats.