June 5, 2015

This One's For the Kids

The Kid's Club that is! My endless quest for new and interesting stuff led me to discover this gem, a small giveaway set from the ChiSox Kid's Club. I'm sure that by now you all know that I don't collect the White Sox, but this set has a few players that I like and it definitely fits in with my affinity for oddball issues.

I like Abreu. I won't collect him because a lot of his cards are outside my budget, but it's nice to add cards like this of the Cuban slugger. I especially like it because it's one of the few cards that I own that doesn't show him in that airbrushed throwback Sox uni! I love Robertson(despite the fact that he's a Yankee no more), but it is strange seeing him in the wrong pinstripes(even if this one is airbrushed)!

Check out the card backs. They pack a ton of info on here! I especially like the 'Fun Facts' and the 'Did You Know?' sections. You can definitely tell these were aimed at younger fans.

These complete the 6 card set. Chris Sale is one of my favorite pitchers playing right now, so it was great to add this one to my stack of his cards. I haven't officially decided to start a PC on him just yet, but it may not be far off.

I love the mascot card too! I didn't even realize that the Sox had a mascot. I suppose I should take that as a hint to focus a bit more on the past few years' worth of Opening Day Mascot inserts. 

All in all, this is a great little set. If only the Yankees had something similar for me to chase after...or maybe they do and I just haven't discovered it yet!


  1. That is a fun oddball set. Team issues can be hard to find after a few years.

    Southpaw looks like he is getting a good jump on the basepaths.

  2. This set is the easiest to get. Just sign up on their website for the free kid's club and you are in.

  3. Great set! I'll have to try and track one down.

  4. This set is great... Makes me wish I liked the White Sox.