January 10, 2016

A Few Days Too Late

Earlier this week, I posted about three of my favorite cardboard acquisitions that were released in 2015. Yesterday, I received a candidate that probably would have made the cut if I had it in hand when that post was written. This one was a late 2015 release, courtesy of the Black Friday promo from our friends over at Panini.

Once again they've provided a great shot of Russell Wilson playing baseball for NC State. I dig that this one uses a different photo, one of him pitching. It looks like he's in the middle of throwing a nasty, knuckle curve here. The more I see from the various holiday promos that Panini produces, the more I like. Today, I'll be pulling for Russell as his Seahawks begin their playoff run against the Vikes. Once a member of the Wolfpack, always a member. Go Pack(and go 'Hawks)!


  1. Cool card - great shot. Though I actually liked the other one you posted last month better - where he's got a bat in hand. I think I like that design a little better. For some reason - I didn't realize he was a pitcher, either.

    1. I like that other photo too, but they have since recycled it on more than one occasion(and I love that he's throwing a knuckle curve). I thought that other design was nice and clean, but I've seen a bunch of players done in this design from BF and I'm really digging it. In his time at NC State, he was both a pitcher and a second baseman.

  2. Man that's an awesome card. I am still in search of his baseball card.

  3. Hey Tim, e-mail me when you can. I've got some stuff I think you'd like but I don't see your e-mail anywhere.