January 22, 2016

Some Tim Horton's to Keep Me Warm

This morning I awoke to a winter wonderland in the making. Like much of the East Coast, my town in NC is expecting a hefty blanket of snow over the next few days. I for one am thrilled. I grew up in Orange County NY and unlike most transplants, the main thing I miss about my hometown is winter. Snow storms are quite a bit different here in the south, mainly due to the lack of equipment/know-how to handle the precipitation, but I've grown to love watching these southern storms from the safety of my house. The temps over the next few days are expected to be some of the coldest of the season so far, but I've got some Tim Horton's goodies to keep me warm.

I know I've shared some of these in multiple posts already, but I haven't grown tired of them yet. This lot of six came to me by way of the Land of Listia. The Carey Price Season Highlights card is my first from the set and it turns out they are checklist cards. Despite adding another of the die-cut cards in this lot, I think my favorite card of this group would have to be the Ovechkin. This brings my set completion total all the way up to 16/100. I'm not sure I'll officially make the push to complete the entire base set, but so long as I can keep finding a few of these here and there, I'll have fun tracking my progress. Stay safe in the wintry conditions, especially if you're in the mid-Atlantic blizzard warning zone and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I truly hope that this idea of a promotion migrates down to the USA. These are just beautiful!

  2. Really love the design on these.

  3. This is my favorite hockey release of last year. Have you checked out Full Force yet, very cool inserts.