January 12, 2016

A Tribute to Monte Irvin

I haven't written about him much in the brief history of this blog, but Monte Irvin is one of my favorite former Negro League players to collect. Today came word that that he has left this world to play on the great ball field in the sky. Instead of writing all about his great career, I've prepared this brief career retrospective in cardboard.

Prior to his MLB debut, Irvin spent nine seasons(sandwiched around his military service) with the Newark Eagles.

Though he made his MLB debut in 1949, this 1951 Topps RC is one of his two earliest cards. I'm happy to have added this one to my collection shortly after I picked up my first 1951 Topps card at a show in late 2015.

In 1955, Irvin's career was on the downward swing, as he spent 75 games playing for the minor league, Minneapolis Millers before signing with the Cubs for the 1956 season.

RIP Monte.


  1. Nice post, rest in peace to one of the greats. I actually had that '55 in my hands at the flea market sunday but put it dowb, well definitely have to grab it this weekend.

  2. Wow I hadn't heard that he passed. Too bad, but he certainly lived a long and rich life. Some great cards there Tim!

  3. Great sampling of his cards, it's a shame to lose him; but, at least he lived a long and illustrious life!

  4. Hadn't heard he had passed. Have a couple Irvin's in the collection. 52 Berk Ross and a 54 Dan Dee

    1. Those are both pretty awesome cards to remember him by.

  5. Stitches in Time, a favorite insert set of mine. Irvin left his mark on the game's history. I've been looking for an nice copy of his rookie.