January 8, 2016

This Day in Broncos History

The NFL Playoffs begin tomorrow and I couldn't think of a better post to write than one that commemorates a great playoff victory in Denver Broncos history. Four years ago today, the underdog Broncos defeated the Steelers with an 80-yard touchdown on the first play of overtime. In what would  become known as the '3:16 Game', the Broncos became the first team to win under the new OT rules(which at the time were only applicable in the playoffs). 

Why did the game become known as the '3:16 Game? I'm glad you asked! Tim Tebow's professed love of the John 3:16 Bible verse teamed with the 'miraculous' nature of the final play were two reasons, but the final stats were big contributors too. Tebow passed for 316 yards and had a 31.6 yards/completed pass average. The peak network rating for the game was also 31.6. Some like to add that Tebow's head coach and Executive VP were both named John(Fox and Elway). Now let's look at the players on each end of the game winning pass.

Demaryius Thomas was the receiver that took that pass all the way to the end zone. I sure hope DT can make a few big plays once this season's Broncos playoff run begins next weekend. This X-Fractor parallel of his Topps Chrome RC was a recent find on a trek through the Land of Listia. Ooh, shiny/sparkly!!!

Here's the arm that was on the other end of that pass. He's quite the polarizing figure, but the one thing that can't be argued is the fact that he found a way to win games while he still called Denver home. They may not have been pretty, but wins are wins.

Unlike this day in 2012, Denver will enter next week as the AFC top seed. Here's to successfully navigating the Road to the Super Bowl. Go Broncos!


  1. I hope the Broncos can get it done this time, but they sure do look pretty underwhelming for a #1 seed.

    That run with Tebow was a lot of fun to watch. It probably wasn't sustainable over multiple seasons, but it was definitely exciting while it lasted. I wish Tebow had found a place to settle in and get a couple years of run as a team's QB.

    1. I agree with you on both counts. The Tebow era was a fun(yet anxiety ridden) time. I hope they can at least get back to the big game, but I think they have a LOT of holes. Oh well, that's why they play the games, right?