January 9, 2016

Trade Post Catch Up - The Surprise Package Edition

Among the influx of the expected and somewhat anticipated packages from multiple 'regular' trade partners, I was shocked to see two packages arrive clear out of the blue. I had interacted with both of the generous parties before, but was definitely not expecting anything to show up in my mailbox from them. I sure am grateful for the kindness of folks like this!

Surprise package number one came to me courtesy of Matt - aka Bubba's Bangin'...blog. He and I had exchanged some set needs earlier in the year and it was great. However, I don't dabble too heavily into A&G and that's his bread and butter so I have been pretty much tapped out on any 'needs' I could send his way. That didn't stop him from dropping this batch of goodness on me.

These are my first A&G X cards from 2015's online exclusive set. To be honest, I think I like these better than the standard Ginter because if the black backdrop. It's always cool when someone hits the non-Yankee parts of my collection.

I won't lie, it was nice to see a Yankee from the Ginter X pop up too. I was beyond thrilled to see those Chrome prism refractors included as well. Kiermaier is probably the most exciting former Bulls player I got to watch in recent memory and therefore probably one of my favorite non-Yankee players in MLB. I was thrilled when the Rays acquired Souza before the 2015 season because I had the fortune of seeing him play against Durham while he was with Syracuse and I got to meet him(and get an in person auto) and watch him play in the Triple-A All-Star Game in 2014. He instantly became one of my favorite Rays players despite not truly being a former Bull. As a side note, he did become a former Bull this past season as I got to watch him play in several rehab games before he made it back to Tampa to close out the season.

The next surprise package arrived from Adam over at Infield Fly Rule. I had won a contest on his blog previously and have been stockpiling Rockies to send his way ever since, but I haven't quite gotten the package together and shipped. Out of the blue, he dropped a great package on me.

Topps Minis!!! Through trades alone, I'm now up to almost half of the 2014 mini team set.

I need more Sportsflics in my life! It's always nice to find a new card of the Captain, but the real treat in this package was the new Bernie cards. Here are two, but the package would continue to Bern baby Bern! More on that in a moment.

These junk wax era needs were awesome to see. Now, as promised, more Bernie!

I love the early career cardboard that show that bespectacled Bernie! Early Stadium Club is always nice to see too.

Great stuff from Matt and Adam! Thanks fellas and sorry for the delay in posting. I'll be putting together return packages for you both in the near future.


  1. I'm generally not one for Ginter either - I tend to see it as a redundant set due to it's similarity in inspiration with Gypsy Queen and it's almost indecipherable design changes year in and year out. All that being said though, I must admit that the black background adds some nice depth and makes it a much sharper product.

  2. Those minis can be tough. I got most of my 2012 Rockies from Julie.

  3. Adam is a fun trade partner. I see he's paying it forward in minis. Great stuff!!!