January 6, 2016

Recapping 2015 and Setting Goals for 2016

I fully intended for this to solely be a look at my first set of 'collecting goals'. However, I have been running the blog exclusively on my iPad through the Blogger app for the past 5 months or so. I had prepared a 'Year in Cardboard' post that highlighted my 52 favorite cards that were featured on the blog in 2015. Yes, I stole the general premise of that post directly from Mr. Shoebox Legends himself, Shane(I had credited him in the post as well). Unfortunately, the app didn't really like the idea of those 52 pics and it wouldn't upload the post into my drafts. What to do? I cut my year in cardboard down to  three of my favorite cards from 2015 and one of my favorite acquisitions of the year. Without further ado, here are a few favorites that were released in 2015.

There is no way this Yankee fan couldn't include this gold parallel of the perfect tribute to The Captain.

This is one of my favorite current athletes from my alma mater wearing my school's colors. Thanks Panini!

A black parallel, serially numbered auto + this pretty decent rookie + probably the most visually appealing set of the year = one of my favorite cards of 2015.

I can't begin to express how appreciative I am for all of the great folks that I've traded with over this past year. I've received some really great additions to my many collections. One of my favorite acquisitions to the collection was the following card that was not released in 2015:

I was shocked to see the Mick hiding in a trade package a few months ago and I'm still in a bit of disbelief that this one has found a permanent home in my collection.

Moving on to some modest collecting goals for the year.

1. Complete 1968 Topps Game set - I am only two cards shy of this and they're not the huge names either. I feel confident this one should be easily accomplished.

2. Complete 1969 Topps Deckle set - I'm eight away, but I have three pretty big names left(Rose, Clemente, and Gibson). Big names or no, this one should be well within reach.

3. Increase posting total by 10%(hit 180 posts for the year) - I may be off to a slow start in this first week of the year, but that is only an average of 3.5 posts a week. Once I adjust to the new 'normal' of having three daughters to juggle, I should be able to hit that mark.
  3a. Produce some more creative posts. Trade posts, product breaks, and new Listia/eBay wins will obviously still have their place, but I want to get outside of that comfort zone and create something a bit unique and interesting. Hopefully a few of you will help let me know if I'm succeeding on this one.

4. Control impulsive spending - I'm sure a lot of you have a similar goal. Too many times this past year, I found myself searching the card aisle and 'settling' for whatever I thought was the most desirable option there instead of waiting to find something I was really looking for. Chalk that up to my ravenous pack busting appetite. I'm not even going to offer a prediction of my success on this one. Time will tell. As you all know, the addiction is real!

Thanks for reading and a belated Happy New Year to you all. I hope it's filled with health, many blessings and some great cardboard!!!


  1. Nice goals, I finished up that 1968 Game set a year or two back and am also considering a run at the Deckle set. While I didn't list is as one of my goals, your #4 is something I need to focus on as well.
    Good luck in 2016.

  2. I think that 3a and 4 go hand in hand. I'll be posting some goals later this week but I think that by curbing impulse spending it will allow for more creativity in posting. Also, looking forward to doing our first official trade this year!

  3. Good luck with your goals! Glad I could contribute one of the cards in this post, now I know I made the right call in sending it to you. Looking forward to another great year of content!

  4. Good luck with the goals! Looking forward to more trading this year!

  5. Best of luck on the goals, Tim! Happy 2016!