January 26, 2016

The Final Holiday Package of the Season

Let's keep rolling right along with The Great Trade Post Catch Up. Today's installment comes courtesy of a surprise holiday envelope from Stealing Home. I had been reading All Trade Bait, All the Time for a little while, but hadn't really commented or interacted much. It came as quite the pleasant surprise when I received an email from SH telling me that a few cards were set to the side and all that was missing was my address. I thought I replied quickly, but there was some glitch with the email being sent. After most of the holiday packs had already been sent on their way, I got a message from Julie over at A Cracked Bat, letting me know that someone was looking for me. I clicked the link and saw the day's post on ATBATT which asked me to get in touch. I sent my address and a few short days later, I received the following:

A hefty dose of new-to-me Negro League cards were inside! I can't pick a favorite from this group. I only had one or two of the Ted Williams Company Negro League subset cards prior to this envelope's arrival. The old school goodness didn't stop there.

I really dig the pic on the Joe Black, but out of this group, the A&G Ron Teasley has to be my fave. Great uni, clean design, and a subject not often seen on cardboard all make for a treasured new addition to my collection. I included the red, sparkly Zoilo Almonte in this scan because it was a cool card that I wanted to show off, but it didn't deserve a solo scan. All in all, it was a great and unexpected boost to a part of my collection that doesn't grow nearly as fast as the others. Mahalo to Stealing Home for thinking to include me in the holiday mailing list. I'll be sure to put a little something together to send back your way.

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  1. Ted Williams cards are my favorite from the decade - they just look like tiny pieces of art. Even Fergie Jenkins touted their superiority at an appearance I attended last year.