January 7, 2016

The Long Overdue Catch Up Process Begins

Yesterday we talked about the past and looked towards the future. Today, I start playing catch up on all of the wonderful trade packages that have arrived over the past 4-6 weeks that haven't gotten their proper recognition. Perhaps I should have included a goal to keep up with trade posts in this new year. I'll apologize up front because I may very well combine packages from multiple people in the interest of getting caught up before the summer rolls around. 

I'll begin the catch up process with three packages from two of my most prolific trading partners of the past year. First up, some great cardboard that arrived in two separate PWEs from Jeff over at Wish They Still Came With Bubble Gum.

Jeff has been really great about mixing in a healthy dose of new Broncos among his PWE contents. They are certainly appreciated. I particularly love this pop-up Peyton!

I don't remember having seen the Pacific Backyard Baseball cards before, but I sure am glad to have Jeter as the first one in my collection. You've gotta love those old Fleer stickers too!

On to PWE #2 from Jeff.

Colorful Chrome Yankees are always welcome and I believe that Chamberlain was some sort of retail exclusive. Either way, it sure does 'rule' to have that Joba!

Jeff always seems to introduce new football products to my collection. This Valor Peyton is a perfect example of that. As great as all of these cards were, my favorite card from the two PWEs from Jeff was this beauty:

I'm not even positive which year/set it hails from because I haven't had the time to research it yet, but I sure dig it!

Thanks for the great stuff, Jeff!

The next bunch of goods arrived from Shoebox Legends country. Shane always sends over some primo cardboard!

It's a good start with a random mix of Yankees and their minor league affiliates. I especially like the Montero from his time in Scranton. This happens to pre-date their name change from the S/WB Yankees to the S/WB Rail Riders. Personally, I still wish their Triple-A team was the Columbus Clippers.

Shiny, shiny, AUTO! Like many others, I love those diamond parallels from 2011 Topps. It's great to have app other keeper in hand. I've taken to sending all of my non-Yankee or PC guys to Gavin to help him get his Frankenset from that year off the ground. Holder was a 6th round pick in the 2014 draft. They say he is a rising SP talent(he said with fingers crossed). Stoneburner was picked by the Yankees out of Clemson and bounced around the minors. He made it to Triple-A, but I can't find any information about him beyond the 2014 season. Always great 'filler' cards from Shane, but the reason for this PWE was the following parallel:

Butler is no longer with the Rays, but I got to see him play quite a bit in Durham this last season before he spent a good chunk of time in Tampa. He may be a journeyman, but I'm thrilled he was on the Topps Update checklist and it's great to have this snow camo parallel in my former Durham Bulls collection. 

As always, thanks for a great bunch of cards Shane. I've currently got padded envelopes packed and addressed for both of you guys, just need to find the time to make it to our friends at the post office to get them headed your way. Alright, that's three packages down and only and only about a dozen more to go(sadly that's mp to much if an exaggeration). Thanks for reading!


  1. I liked that pop up Peyton too, his large cranium adds to the effect. I picked up one of those stamp cards for myself as well, so cool.

    Good luck to your Broncos next weekend