January 14, 2016

Another Day, Another Belated Christmas Card Post

Shortly before Angus from Dawg Day Cards began his Christmas card deluge, he contacted me when I posted about a few cards I picked up from the Tim Horton's UD Hockey set. He asked of there were specific cards I was looking for. We exchanged emails about the set, and before I knew it, a really great Christmas card arrived in my mailbox.

I was thrilled to find this beautiful card bursting at the seams with Tim Horton's UD goodies. The card itself really stood out to me. It's just a really great photo. Let's take a look at the contents.

Score! He sent me 2 out of 3 NJ Devils from the set and quadrupled the number of these that I own. It didn't stop there though. I also found my first die-cut insert from the set:

This was a truly great holiday gift! Thanks for the generosity Angus. I'm in the process of packing up some Browns to send your way.

One additional update I'd like to mention: I was able to drop off the first wave of outgoing packages at the post office. If you live in one of these zip codes, you should have an envelope arriving shortly.


Thanks to everyone for your patience. If your zip wasn't on this list, I assure you that additional packages will be dropped off in the very near future.


  1. I love this set, I have an extra Stamkos if you need it.

  2. Sweet! Yet to see one of these in person but they look great! Angus is the man! I posted my Christmas card but I'm already behind on posting ANOTHER package he sent since.

  3. ZIPpity doo dah, indeed! Thank you :) You know, we (Michigan) have Tim Horton's all around. I'm 30 minutes (yikes) from the border. Why are we missing out on these cards? I don't collect hockey but would certainly be picking them up to share. I drink Horton coffee regularly! What is it, Canada? What??